A quick painting I sloshed after work tonight.
2 hrs photoshop, no references used.

As the days dwindle down…

It’s finally my FINAL semester in pharmacy and although I’m trying my best to maintain attention for the program, I can’t help to be constantly tugged back towards art.
I hate to admit that both areas of my life are facing the consequences. If I splurge and paint for a few hours, the guilt for sacrificing study time kicks in and my attention is helplessly divided yet again.

Anyone else a stubborn perfectionist? I’m the type of psycho who MUST always finish what I start and having my attention scattered this way is driving me insane. I think I harbour an ‘all or nothing’ attitude and not being able to dedicate my entire time to art is killing me, whereas I feel similar remorse for not dedicating enough time to study.

So what will mend this feeling of being stunted by not being able to finish what I start?
…can anyone get me a body double?
: (

It seems I’ll have to be pulled back and forth until the beast [that is this degree] is tamed once and for all.
How suffocating.
How stunting.
How uttlerly exhausting!